Underwater photography workshop and photo competition!

15-18 May 2014 (from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon)

Photo workshop, competition, 5 boat dives, air fills, accommodation and meals
This is a great weekend for all of you who likes UW photography and want learn more at the
same time as you enjoy top-notch west coast diving at Sweden’s prime dive location together
with photo professional Magnus Lundgren (European Wildlife Photographer of the Year andpublished in National Geographic Magazine) and Patrik Karlsson from Scuba Supply at hand
to help you.
Exposure Underwater photo workshop includes interactive presentations for you to learn more about UW photography, personal support to calibrate your UW photo rig, feedback on your images.
On Saturday we run a fun photo contest we call Exposure Masters with great prizes and awards. Of course, you will only hand in images you are happy with yourself.
The event takes place at Dyk-Leif with Anders and Viktoria. With their friendly staff and professional operation out of Hamburgsund will as always enjoy great boats, top service and excellent food.
We will be diving and photographing at Sweden’s west coast best stretch around Väderöarna with great fishlife, swaying kelp forests and colourful nudibranchs bathing in Skagerrak’s clear waters.
Scuba Supply will also set up a small exhibition on location during the weekend with the latest products on the UW photo market for you to check out and get a feel for. There will also be products for you to try in the water if you want. So there will be a lot of things going on at Dyk-Leif  this weekend. We suggest you do not miss it and we like to remind that there are an only a limited number of spaces available!
Target group: For you who just want to learn a bit more about underwater photography or
maybe you a true enthusiast and want take your underwater photography a major leap forward. So how do you get that shot you want, on that “once in a lifetime” dive trip or during a “splash in” photo competition? We will help you to get there.

A warm welcome from Magnus, Patrik, Viktoria and Anders

" Preliminary schedule below

Thursday 15 May - Intro Day
1. Check in during Thursday afternoon / evening
2. From 19.00 - Evening sandwich coffee and tea
3. 20.00 Magnus Lundgren’s presentation ”10 tips to become a 100% better photographer”
4. After the presentations Patrik and Magnus will be at hand to support and help when you are calibrating or setting up your camera rig.

Friday 16 May – Training Day
1. 7.30-8.30 – Breakfast
2. 9:00 – Departure. Two boat dives at Väderöarna weather permitting (otherwise inshore). Participants have the opportunity to practice techniques discussed during Thursday evening.
3. Lunch is served between the dives at Väderöarna.
4. Patrik & Magnus are available to give feedback on the boat to the participants.
5. 18.30 – Dinner
6. 20.00 – Magnus Lundgren’s presentation "Target shooting - a strategy to succeed with the image you like? Useful on your dive travels and in splash in competitions.
7. 21.00 - Presentation about tomorrows UW photo competitions Exposure Masters and information about competition photography, modelling, working with limited time and how to choose the right image!
8. After the presentations Patrik and Magnus will be at hand to support and help when you are fine calibrating or setting up your camera rig.

Saturday 17 May – Competition Day (Exposure Masters)
1. 7.30-08.30 Breakfast
2. 9.00 – Departure. Two boat dives at Väderöarna weather permitting (otherwise inshore). This is the competition dives and images taken during this day can be handed in for the competition.
3. Lunch is served between the dives at Väderöarna.
4. 18.30 Handing in images.
5. 19.30 Norwegian lobster dinner (havskräftor) caught in cages (no trawling) in Sweden.
6. 22.00 Award ceremony for place 1 until 6 in both classes with feedback on the awarded images. Last thing is when the ”Best in show” image is announced.
7. Party

Sunday 18/5 – Final Day
1. 7.30-8.30 Breakfast
2. 9.00 – Departure. One boat dive in Hamburgsund’s archipelago
3. 12.30 - Lunch in Hamburgsunds hamn
4. From 13.00 are Patrik & Magnus available for final feedback on images, equipment, future photo missions/sessions and expeditions.
5. After this check out

All bookings and practical questions please contact
Dyk-Leif: 0525-33080 info@dykleif.se

All questions about underwater photography please contact
Exposure Underwater : 040-18 62 62
Mail Patrik & Magnus at Exposure Underwater - info@exposureunderwater.com
Exposure Expedition on the web - http://www.exposureunderwater.com

Workshop facts
Price 4 500 SEK including

Accommodation (shared rooms)
All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Also seafood dinner (skaldjursmiddag) on Saturday evening
Five boat dives
Air fills

Available at extra charge
Double room

Practical info
Please remember for booking double room or hire of dive equipment contact Dyk-Leif in due time. You should bring your own bedding and towel (or rent from Dyk-Leif at an additional cost). For your info - you are allowed to bring your own drinks to Dyk-Leif.
When booking a prepayment is charged to enable Dyk-Leif to guarantee your booking. The
prepayment is paid to Dyk-Leif’s bank giro service 5607-8645. Mark your payment with name and arrival date. Final payment is made before departure in cash or by credit card.

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