Viktoria Säldemark operates and owns Dyk-Leif with her husband Anders. She is an experienced diver with years of knowledge of diving at the Weather Islands.

Viktoria works as a booking manager. It's usually her voice you hear on the phone. She has also been trained by the master chef Rose in the Thai kitchen.




Is a "Värmländsk" dive girl living in Gothenburg. Catarina is an avid diver who takes every chance to get in over his head.















Anders Säldemark operates and owns Dyk-Leif AB together with his wife Viktoria.
After serving as mine cleaens diver he went abroad working . as an instructor abroad. When he came home to Sweden, he continued working as instructor where he also served as dive leader for the dive club Wetterndykarna in Linköping. Anders is a trained professional diver which has made that he also works as a professional diver . Anders came in contact with Leif for over 15 years ago when he began working as a skipper.


Eric works for us to and from as skipper. During her years at Dyk-Leif also become a skilled diver who likes to hang out when when there is aopportunity.


Annika is a girl from Bovallstrand, she is an instructor and has for years helped and guided diver around Väderöarna but also in warmer latitudes. Do you want to be guided over the water on Väderöarna or perhaps take a course so she helps you!



Want to become one of us?

We have a need for skippers to Permission Class 7 or equivalent.
Even skipper with Permission Class 8 are of interest.
Send us an email and tell me about yourself!

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